“To share a moment silently with the universe is a lapse in time we all look for but can never find. The importance to meditation is far from a simple idea forgotten but rather, a monumental task all should abide by. To ground to the world and just be can set the tone for what is meant to be. Patiently waiting for the mind to disappear into the clouds of the sky unable to return until a later moment. Forgetting what is important and unimportant for the proper health of the mind.”

True but sad we all tend to forget to slow down from time to time. Having a daily ritual with meditation can keep that racing mind in check. With practice and discipline you can turn your mental capacity around to work with you, instead of against you.

Allow yourself a break from the rushing world of manhattan to seek the timeless tombs where not a soul moves. Believe that you can breathe so you can release the energy and take in what is needed.

Be one with the earth, dissolving into time forgetting the stresses of our daily lives. Take a moment and receive the mental calmness we all deserve.

Written By: Will



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