Luck is not a magical force the universe simply sends out to be received at any given moment in time. Luck is the law that say’s,”Placing yourself in the right moment, at the right time may result in the best case scenario at the present instant.” Listen for the sound that triggers ambition to become driven enough to carry on what satisfies the soul.

Too often we rely on luck while doing nothing at all to help the situation. Good things will not submissively lay themselves upon your lap just because you wish they do so. Good luck is a result of good decisions.

Why is the go getter so often given more opportunity?

Because they strive to be in the moment taking every swing at what comes their way.

Get out there and allow the universe to work in your favor. You deserve to be offered the best of what the world has to offer. It is up to you do go get it. The chances to succeed are laid out in plain sight, the question is, will you set yourself up to accept them?

Written By: Will



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