“The photo was taken and stored on the wall, for eternity; or so we thought. A photo is only a moment in time which most feel is captured forever until the instant is gone. Never for a second believe that life has such a strong hold that nothing can change, for it can and must. Create a new way of living, one day at a time. Nothing last for ever not even the past mistakes made that were learned from to help in generating new results that last a life time.”

Mistakes are made, faults are created, miscalculations begin to settle in and errors occur. How can this be? The world was created to be perfect. Ha. Nothing is this world is permanent and all of the responsibilities that come with it can be a learning experience. Some of this can create a sense of wrong-doing. How if you’ve learned from the mistakes made?

A photo speaks for itself, as so do your actions. Allow who you are to be as it is.

Never forget to create a new way of living, if your old way is not working. Be sure to improve; never forget to learn. We were created to become a better person each and every day so long you allow the process to take place.

Remember: What happens today can be different from yesterday, even if you feel the moment in time is captured forever. You were designed to be great and great you will be so long as you work for improvement. Never submit to failures; for we all fail from time to time.

Create the wisdom to not fall upon the same foot, over the same step. You are amazing and if no one told you today that they love you, I love you.

Written By: Will





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