“So often the first thought is to impress others. Why not let others impress first? Become absorbed in what is going on, so in return interest can be portrayed. Breathe, Listen, Think, Respond. Don’t be so immediate to give a direct response from a clean slate that has not been established yet. Learn to connect.

For a long time, my communication skill’s were average at that. They still are. Everyday is a work in progress.

But one thing I’ve learned the past few weeks is that in fact, you can choose to improve the impression you have on the world by first letting the world have an impression on you.

Breathe: Find your grounding, make a firm impression.

Listen: Fully understand what is going on. Listen to what the universe is telling you. Take an interest in what is going on around you.

Think: Be relatable, think about the context and world you’re presently in. Remember to connect with the energy being portrayed. The harder you make it, the harder it becomes.

Respond: Finally the opportunity to respond presents it self. What did you take in? What did you learn about this person or situation? Is there a common ground? Sometimes it’s better off to have no response at all.

Written By: Will




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