“Guidance in the right direction comes like the light at the end of the tunnel. When all hope is lost and the universe creates the pull that is inevitably obvious, the right direction is sought with ease. Creating a situation that presents itself as a package tightly wrapped with the perfect bow. How often these opportunities can be missed simply due to the fact that life is being lived on life’s terms. Slow down and keep the mind open to the vibrations of the world, energy flows fluently through out each one of us on to the next. Good settles with good; Evil with evil.”

Breaking free from the hold of constantly repeating the same thing over and over again can be a struggle if one does not recognize that good exist all around. When darkness prevails seeing the light that is so obviously present can be a struggle.

Slow down and learn to smile again.

Taking the hand of opportunity can turn into something never thought of that may change life forever. You just have to be present enough to realize the moment is here.

You are good enough, You do deserve this and You will prevail. Hold on tightly to the principles that direct you in the direction that is meant to be.

Written by: Will


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