“Sit back and observe the world for what it is as the universe will take care of itself. While being persistent is key to a situation it’s not applicable to life as a whole. Be repetitious in one’s own behavior creating positive habits, allowing mankind to take its own course. Make a difference in the sliver of life that is current and present allowing a gradual progression. Looking at the whole picture and attempting to repair everything is unrealistic, setting up goals for failure.”

Noticing in my personal life, I’m the type of person that want’s to fix the world and make it a better place. Deep down inside I know that it’s completely unrealistic to think this way. We must look at the big picture and figure out what bridge we can build to lead into a better way of finding a resolution.

Small accomplishments lead to huge differences. Focus on being repetitious in what you do completing small tasks one at a time.

Written By: Will



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  • Hi Will! I have been reading a few of your posts, and I like most of what I have seen. 🙂 So far it appears we are quite similar in the way we look at things.

    But the first thing I don’t think you are right about is this, that “it is completely unrealistic” that you can bring about great change. On the contrary, I think it is completely realistic. You just have to do it in the right way. It is not like we are talking about jumping into air and defying gravity. 😉 Fixing great problems in the world does not defy any laws of physics, so it is completely realistic that you can do it.

    Most people who brought about great change in the past, were ordinary in many ways, and extraordinary in a few ways – though the only common denominator for all of them, and what was very unique about them, was that they knew they could bring about the change they did. That one _can_ doesn’t necessarily mean one always _will_, but knowing one can is half the battle.

    / Best wishes, Oscar

    • Thanks for the feedback Oscar,

      I definitely see where you’re coming from and can agree that it’s not completely unrealistic but my quotes are up to interpretation. The biggest problem I feel with most people is actually getting the wheel spinning. You must start small to gain anything bigger than what you’re starting with.

      Thank you for such good feedback and I will keep in mind everything that you’ve said here.

      Have a great day

      • True! I also think you are right in that the small action is the most important. As you say; we have to get the wheel spinning – and we can not rest on yesterdays beginning to do the trick for today as well. 😛

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