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“A small seedling blows away as soon as the winds get rough. Watering basic daily needs is essential to grow and become firmly rooted within a soft soil. Beyond the time it takes the infant plant to grow pruning of the old is necessary along with growth of new branches. Having a solid hold within the ground itself will allow for branching out and eventually to drop seed for new growth not too far from the tree.”

Allow time and effort to result in the growth of oneself before entering into another realm to give back. Giving back is essential in the daily nurturing of ones life only when the time is right.

Giving back is meant to fulfill the void other activities can never tend to. Allow the heart to guide the services you may provide.

Written by: Will



  • Healer heal thyself before healing others, become strong in yourself.

    • Absolutely, I couldn’t agree. It’s along the same lines as loving yourself before finding your true love. If you don’t posses the quality yourself how can you expect to give it?

      • Very true, too many believe it is just handed on a platter, much hard work has to be done and lessons learned.

  • I couldn’t agree more* sorry

  • These words resonated with me. I usually take care of everyone else and spare little time for myself.

    • There’s definitely a healthy balance and the need to say no from time to time. It can not always be the answer but we all have to take care of our minds, body and spirit before others. It’s not being selfish it’s allowing you to offer the best version of yourself to the world.

      Thank you for reading my posts and have a good night! 😁

      • 🤗🤗

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