“The fabric in which all is created starts with a routine that becomes unbreakable. Be extraordinary at everything that is done, giving forth 110% effort without being asked. Serving on auto-pilot results in a day that goes smoothly with minimal bumps along the way. As consistency builds habits form resulting in routine turning into a way of living.

Calculate each plan, navigate each piece with precision and delicacy. When there is a schedule in place it makes getting each task done much easier.

Starting the day with a blind eye is like leaving the house without shoes on.

How do you expect to get anywhere if you have no idea where you are going?

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that when I stick to the plan and have thought out what should happen next, I’m allowed to be the best version of myself without anxiety or uncertainty. When chaos is eliminated it leaves room for a mind at ease.

They say it takes 30 days to turn an activity, or something you do into a habit. If that is true then logic say’s you can change who you are with a sliver of time and dedication. Thirty day’s is not a long time when it comes to personal investment, not if you care about yourself and want to do better.

Try adding one thing today to your daily routine and stick with it. Pick something easy that you can’t miss or overlook. I’ll go first, from here on out when I wake up I need to drink one glass of water before I start my day. Guess what? If you miss it one day, pick up where you left off and keep going! Rome wasn’t built over night.

Allowing yourself to form habits gives you a better chance to navigate through-out the world freely. Know where you are going and you will continue to grow into an amazing human being.

Written by: Will


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