“The daily routine is equivalent to the heart beat that keeps the blood flowing steady through the heart. Each step forward should be executed according to plan, set in stone with certainty. To be ready for any wave of uncertainty rolling forward, a strategy should already be in place. To be full steam ahead towards success all possibilities shall be fully thought out.”

Not once have I ever ended up somewhere of importance and thought, “Huh, happy I ended up here… How’d that happen?”

All of my success has come from a carefully thought out plan put forward by dedication and to be completely committed towards the ultimate goal. Personally happiness is only achieved by the act of giving out that same vibe to the universe, first. One can not walk around angry from day to day and expect the world to be a peaceful place.

How often I encounter others that have nothing more than to complain about what they have not. The first question I always ask is, what have you?

Approach the world in which you would have it reciprocate back to you. You can not receive what you are not willing to give. Carve your destiny in stone and carry through with the initial plan, only then will you see results.

Written by: Will



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