“What’s always been done does not mean that is therefore what should always be done. There continues to be improvement within self, the way in which interacting with the world happens or how one must react to situations. Never forget that the world is ever evolving. To continually do the same thing over and over again expecting different results defines as insanity. Always improve, proceed to the next level and become greater for the benefit of the world.”

Never give up on trying to better the inner-self. Hitting a road block because what’s being done is considered the “cookie cutter” way won’t improve any, if the intended direction is to assume.

The greatest men and women on earth did not obtain their positions from doing what has always been done. Improvise, envision progress and unique ways to get to a better result. Cause and effect is a vital concept that must be understood within depth.

What you do now creates the inner depths of the cave you wish to venture into.

Written by: Will


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