“Take for instance the jagged surface of a freshly cut piece of maple wood placed in front of you, doing it’s best to convince you it’s a finished product. Life takes sanding, hard work, dedication and some staining before it starts to take the form of a beautiful cabinet. Stain your soul and respect your being from the inside out to shine through to the world.”

How often I want to touch my goals even for a second with my finer tips just to know that they are real. Looking for that tangible proof that what I’ve been yearning for is forming in front of my eyes.  Lone behold the pessimistic truth that what you work so hard for to get is mostly unseen, until the end and success has long come to pass.

Instead of looking for recognition, realization should be heard from the inside – out. Never look to the outside world for proof of one’s own success, you will never truly get what you deserve in return.

Written by: Will






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