“Pressure builds from a deep understanding of what want’s are desired. When the why for what is wanted is discovered, potential starts to boil. To perceive where one is going is just a small stepping stone into the realm of the real world. When the discovery of why one is doing what they do, a true sense of the universe begins to mold. Every opportunity is a treasure chest full of the unknown successes misunderstood until the time is right.

How often I know exactly what I want that it never actually comes to fruition. The end game prize opens the eyes so wide at times that the direct path for the result is never initially thought thoroughly.

Not only write down some goals; write down why you want to get there. Develop clarity to your cause.

Driving right by the destination points is a downfall seen too many times. Remember not only to understand where you are going, but ask yourself, “Why am I going here and what does it mean to me?”

Written by: Will




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