“The moment giving back becomes valuable is the moment you simply give back. The motion of helping others is embedded within the deep fabric of each one of us. Not to show boat or be the center of attention; truly feel the shoes you are filling. The heart filling with genuine joy and happiness is something that can never be bought.”

Now a days, peoples biggest prize is to show their “deed’s” to everyone they can find. When did it become a time where because you’ve given a cup of soup to your neighbor you must tell the world?

To be humble of your deeds is to truly walk in a godly way. Walk in private with yourself and respect yourself for who you are. The outside world will continuously beat you up, something the inner self is incapable of doing.

Pay it forward without a second thought and roll on over to the next thing in your day. A silent smile cures the depression many materials bring.

Written by: Will


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