“They say ‘Actions speak louder than words’ but, where does the action form. What is spoken is the first to be heard. Your word is your bond, and truly forms the type of person you are. Propose a deed, but also follow through. If you can not hold up your end, you’re better off not speaking at all.”

The saying “your word is your bond” has come from Melvyn Douglas, an American Actor. I’ve heard this very phrase used my entire life. My father used to engrave this very idea into my head every time I would fall back on a favor to a friend, or back down from something I previously committed to.

I came to realize that if I can’t speak the truth and stick to it, I’m better off not speaking at all. People hear what they want to hear, and if they hear you wrong the outcome could deteriorate your own being on the premises of a misunderstanding or your own ill speaking. It has always been easy to speak but more difficult to act.

There is no better feeling than knowing what you speak is what you do. At the end of the day, I sleep better.

Written By: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of Tangible Triumph



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  • Hi Guys, I am glad you hoped by my blog and now I found yours. I wouldn’t just like this post, but am urged by my mini me within to leave a comment. I have had clashes with people especially my boyfriend because I so sensitive to the words you speak. Some say it’s hard to joke with me, but I will want to know before we start joking that that’s what it is you know đŸ™‚ And you can tell if it’s just mere fun etc. But why say something and say later oh that’s not really what I meant or blame me to be rigid or not understand? Worst of all is a written word… I use words alot in my career and profession and blablabla I mean life… and I think a lot before I write or open my mouth… and sometimes I listen way over someone speaks just to make sure I processed the words well so as to hold them accountable you know… Anyway thanks for sharing Will

  • Thank you for writing this. Promises are promises for a reason, and following through with them establishes your credibility as a human being. I was always taught that your actions, a lot of times, intertwine with your words, and therefore you should always be mindful of them. Doing so will make you a better person. đŸ™‚

  • So true – the follow through is important. Actions may speak louder than words, but if you get the two together and stay true to your word, what power you will have!

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