Eliminate All Toxic Situations & Benefit Yourself

“A toxic environment can be the down fall of a great mind. Eliminate all toxic situations from your life accordingly to benefit yourself. It doesn’t have to be people solely it could entail places, things, and even something as small as a negative routine. Think of yourself and progress first when it comes to deciding what you do with yourself.”

Written By: Will

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph



  • Great point. We need to protect ourselves from those kinds of relationships and situations.

    • Absolutely, I have been recently reflecting on the situations I’ve put myself into. Sometimes, you just don’t thoroughly think about what may or may not happen when following through on impulses. Thanks for the comment!

  • I agree with your post. Eliminate the bad and think more of the positive!

    • Thank you.
      Always try to think positive.
      Thanks for your response !

      • Thank you for posting such positive things

      • Absolutely. Always, will always, thanks for reading them and being a supporter of Tangible Triumph.

  • Positive mind is the way forward in order to live.

    • I would have to agree. I always express how big positivity is. Being positive and staying positive. Like attracts like.
      Thanks for your response.

      • My pleasure Tangible.

  • The problem is that not all the people can make a distinction between their life and life situation, my life situation is independent from my aims and life. But I know that there’s one thing annoy human being is ego.

  • There’re no toxic situation but only life situation can be changed with our attitude to be present and making a distinction between it and our life,

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