3 Inspiring Quotes from Wills Wisdom


Take responsibility of your own actions. Be responsible for your thoughts, control your attitude. Everything that is not written in stone, is up to you to write.


Spontaneous content is the best content, it’s real.


Wisdom is not obtained it is earned through trials and tribulation


Wtitten by: Team Tangible


  • Thank you yet again for the lovely quotes

    • No problem! It’s an honor to know that you read them and actually receive some sort of knowledge from what I feel and think. Thanks for stopping in.

      • Will you always have something great to share and I do enjoy and yes learn a lot… Thank you again.

  • I love this, and it’s so true spontaneous content is the best. I’m new to blogging and in terms of blog posts I have gotten way more views on posts that are just spontaneous thoughts than planned out. I supposed they’re just more organic and real, and that’s appealing in itself! Thanks for the wisdom 🙂

    • Sarkim,
      Organic thoughts are original. That’s when you can really connect with people and understand eachother. Thanks for the comment and the positive feedback.

  • Great quotes!


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