Who’s Your Best Friend?

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Rayna

Founder & Owner of: RAYN OF CHAOS

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Think about your best friend. Think about this person whom you love so dearly, trust so much with your innermost self.

Are you picturing them in your mind?

Now take a moment to listen to how you speak to each other.

What words and tones do you use when talking to your best friend? When they’re discouraged, feeling defeated, or struggling, how do you talk to your best friend?

What if I ask you to picture the person with whom you spend the most time?

Do you maintain the image of the same person as above, your best friend?

That’s lovely, a real gift to have that sort of friendship.

And you’re wrong.

The person you spend the most time with is yourself.

Do you treat yourself as well as you treat your best friend? Is your Self-talk as friendly and encouraging? Would you still want to be friends with your best friend, if they treated you the way you treat yourself?

You are just as deserving of encouragement as your best friend.

Right now, in this moment, you are worthy.
You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of grace.

Exactly as you are, right now, you are worthy.

Be nice to yourself. Be your own best friend.

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Rayna

Founder & Owner of: RAYN OF CHAOS



  • I enjoyed this. I woke up thinking about his topic, about how good a friend I am to myself (not the greatest, i suppose) but, making progress. 🙂

  • Lovely thought

    • Thank you

  • Oh wow! I love the twist in this piece. Thanks for the reminder to be nice to ourselves. Besides, we are meant to love others as we love ourselves! Great post!

    • Thank you so much! Isn’t it strange how so many people find it easier to love (and forgive) others than themselves?


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