Within Yourself, Trust Yourself

When you start too look for confirmation outside of yourself, you begin to lose yourself. Trust yourself and be yourself.

Always have to trust yourself

Written by Tangible Triumphs Staff Member: William Herens

Co Founder & Co Owner of: Tangible Triumph



  • Its funny how we can loose sight of ourselves so easily. But, staying focused is the key for sure. Good job great quote!

  • Annette, thank you for taking the time to browse our blog. I agree with you one hundred percent, keep your head up and believe in yourself.
    – Will

  • Within Yourself is much more than Outside Yourself.
    What is within is what is outside.
    Good One.I liked this post.

    • Thanks Shiva!
      I’m a firm believer that the universe will work in your benefit as long as you allow it to.

  • Love this! when we look inside we can find much more than we realize we have

  • You are so right, however, it’s not always so easily done. Trust, even in one’s self, must come from somewhere. It is not just done, it is learned. As an adult one can reason out, understand, and gain self trust. But where should it start? How does a child learn self trust if it is not taught to them. If they aren’t shown trust, if they aren’t encouraged to believe in themselves, if they aren’t taught self confidence they are apt to grow up timid, unsure, with no self worth, no confidence, no trust in their abilities or ideas. Trusting and believing in myself has been a life long battle, one that I have not fully won yet but I am working on it. Where did it start for me….at about age 42…when someone very special said to me…”You are worthy.”

  • I guess we are all loosing a bit of ourselves on wordpress!


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