Quote of The Day – You, Yourself 

You’re the only person who can decide when you want to fail or succeed, to be happy or sad, to get up or stay down. Choose wisely and live without fear.

Written by :Ray Rodriguez

Co Owner & Founder of Tangible Triumph


  • Hi Ray,

    Thanks for this piece of motivation! I cannot agree with you more. The moment you realize that your success and performance is within your control and nobody else’s is the moment your personal growth accelerates.

    I’m a huge believer in rejecting excuses and always looking at situations from a positive perspective. I write about these topics in my blog.

    Have a great and successful day!


    • Hello businessmgmblog. Thank for taking the time to read our quote. Everything we write is expressed and written by us.
      Your very welcome. Glad we can help. Yes once you realize the ball is in your court, productivity and performance will increase.
      We will definitely follow and read your blog. Thank you brother.

  • So true

  • Good stuff!

  • Thank you very much for this words… I need this very badly as I am very sad of not passing through the driving test for second time☹️… Thank you🙂

    • Very welcome. I can relate, I didn’t pass 2 times either, 3rd time i got it! Believe in yourself and take that test with confidence!

      • Thank you so much😊.. feeling better now

      • Absolutely! Really, good I’m glad!

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  • Absolutely amazon piece of Motivation !


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