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Life is what ever we decide it will be. It can be a fairytale or a horrible nightmare, depending on how we have conditioned our own minds. The most damaging belief to have is the belief anything in life is some how outside of our control.
Our thoughts are ultimately the deciding factor on how deeply we experience life and how far we go in materializing our dreams. If we believe that a thing can’t be done, we are right. If we believe that the world is a horrible place and no one is trustworthy, it will be so. The opposite is also true, if we believe it to be so. WE CREATE WHAT IS REAL!

Our thoughts about life and ourselves is what will be the deciding factor in the final outcome. Our thoughts and words are energy, they are very much physical and active as anything we can see in a the physical world. The idea has to be created in the thought world before it can be realized in the physical. Our outer world is a direct reflection of the environment of our inner world. Before we can expect our circumstances to change, we must first change how we think. We must first realize that any turmoil we experience, first started in our mind.

The greatest lie in the world that has ever been told is that we can not control our thoughts. The very belief that this is true, is what keeps us from changing our minds, thus keeping our circumstances the same. Even our thoughts need to be tried and tested. In most cases, our thoughts are not even our own. The majority of our thoughts have been impressed upon us by the people around us. If we are told a thing enough times, we will believe it, whether it be true or false. Guard your thoughts and be more vigilant about the company you keep.

The greatest prison is the fear of what others might think. We accept thoughts or “opinions” as fact because we are scared to be seen as different or weird. We accept standards and beliefs as our own to avoid ridicule, instead of living life in a graceful manner…with no regard for anyone that would take our joy away. It goes without saying that we must leave peaceably with all people in such a way as not to harm or offend anyone, but if we are to live life fully in our highest state, we must let go of toxic thought patterns.

The key to living life as beautifully as you see possible, is to disconnect from destructive vibrations and begin to vibrate at your own frequency…at a higher frequency. To achieve vibrating at a higher frequency, we must focus on reconditioning the mind because everything flows from it and is created by it. Reading books, meditating, listening to music, eating healthier foods, befriending those who are already where you want to be are a few ways to achieve this.

Stop envying the seemingly “carefree” lives of others and create your own freedom, fearlessly. Wanting what others have, ultimately brings about depression and keeps you imprisoned to negative thoughts about yourself and your own capabilities. It’s one thing to be inspired to be more and do more by observing the success of another but to want what they have will not help you more forward. The greatest form of rebellion is to be able to fully express yourself and to do the things that bring you an immeasurable amount of happiness.



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  • Good post. For me, it means thinking and speaking about the good, honorable, commendable things as listed in Philippians 4:8. It’s amazing how it can lift yours and other’s spirits and move you toward understanding and acceptance.

    • I absolutely love that verse in the bible. I whole heartedly agree wit you and I thoroughly love your feed back. When we focus on the beautiful and positive things in our lives as encouraged by the Apostle Paul, our lives began to reflect those thoughts, and it rubs off on others. I appreciate you for this. Peace and love to you.

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