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Sometimes the worst place to be is in your own head. Growing up in a society that has instilled in us a belief that statistics has anything to do with our success can kill the very idea that will transform the world. Our own thoughts can be more destructive than any failure and more than anything any naysayer can possibly shape their mouths to say.

Before anyone else believes in us, we have to first believe in ourselves and that we can actually make a difference. These goals and desires we have are given to us for a reason, so that the world may be a better place as a result of us living our lives naturally and freely. Each person has a unique function and something to contribute to assist the world in forward progress. Limiting yourself with destructive beliefs is not only damaging to you but to this world.

Even if the idea you have does not directly effect people, the story you tell by achieving your goals will go along way in sparking the brain that could possibly change the course of history. No outside event, not even our loved ones has the power to extinguish our dreams…only we do. There is a continual argument in each of our heads, one reaching for the very thing we want and the other voice giving us reasons for why it wont work. No one likes failure but failure helps us grow and failure gives us another opportunity to go into the “test” with all the answers.

Growing up, many of us were placed in to boxes by our families, teachers and friends. If you were tall and lanky, you were automatically put into the box of being a basketball player or maybe even a wide receiver in football. If you were tall and slender as a little girl, you were told you could model. Now these are just examples but I’m pretty sure you get the picture. Our destinies were decided for us and in most cases, when we didn’t live up to those expectations, we were instructed on safer routes we could take based on the skills that they observed. There is nothing entirely wrong with this, but as children and growing teenagers, its rare when a parent or the environment around us pushes us to do what we really want to do.

At a certain point in our lives, our wings are clipped in fear that our fate may turn out exactly as the people around us or worst. The most damaging thing any parent or educator can do is set limitations for you before adulthood by giving you their best options on what they “think” you can do. In my life story, this was exactly the case. I wasn’t allowed to fly free. Once I reached high school, I wasn’t allowed to dream any more. When I graduated high school, I started to shape my life decisions around what would make my parents proud or around what was safe based on their options for me. As you would imagine, none it made me happy or gave me fulfillment. At this point in my life, I’m going for broke and throwing all caution to the wind. I’m listening to the voice inside of me that tells me that I can in fact, change the world.

We must silence all of the noise around us and listen to the voice within that’s screaming “go for it!” Don’t let fears and negative self talk, talk you out of pushing your limits and going after what makes your heart jump for joy. Go where your gifts are celebrated, encouraged and accepted. Listen to the voice that gives you one reason for why it will work because ultimately, all you need is one reason for why, regardless to how many negative reasons you can come up with for why it wont work. Just DECIDE what it is you will do, and you will attract like minded people to you, and the environment around you will have no choice but to work together for your good.



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