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Love and Loyalty

“What does it require to be loyal to a cause? Do you love what you are doing or do you love the results? Results are a cause, and many roads can serve the same cause. Waking up happy, you must love the actions you take step for step. To love the results is to set yourself up for failure. Love what you do and you will never be unsatisfied with what you’ve done to get what you shall receive.”

Written by: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of: Tangible Triumphreceived_10157639582900151.jpeg


  • Yes agree love what you do..

    Great little thoughtful posy

    • Thank you for the positive feedback and I truly apologize for responding so late. If you don’t love what you do misery comes creeping along.

  • I appreciate what this quote is pointing to – that being tied to the results/outcome is fleeting, and potentially false. The outcome may not be “successful” in a traditional definition, but the process of getting there could be the success.

    • Exactly! Thanks for posting. You actually made me even approach my own quote with another perception.


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