So, it’s been a while since I really took the time to sit down and write up a truly meaningful post. I do apologize. The past week or so, I was so bent on doing the right thing it took me so far left, I lost sight of what was important. I get up, I get knocked back down. But guess what, I get back up because I have something many find hard to possess. I have heart! Do you?

Never lose sight of your own goals, or else the trip of life will take you on a roller coaster that seems endless. I have to constantly remind my self to what is relevant and irrelevant simultaneously, or else I lose control of my own thoughts. It’s almost like a day job, you can work all day and learn nothing. Sit still, and do what you’re suppose to barely getting by, barely living, and just being a breathing body moving through the monotony of life. Pick the pen up, write something down, fix the problem, move on. Where did the pen take you? Where did the problem come from and better yet what did you learn from the problem? Is it preventable? Is it worth it?

It takes a sound mind to really step back and assess the bigger picture, just do it. Quite time brings you a sound mind. A sound mind brings around reasoning, and the reasoning is where you can truly tell yourself, it’s time to take this next step because A, B, and C make sense. 2 + 2 will never equal out to 4, unless you know yourself why it equals 4. REASON WITH YOUR SELF NOT OTHERS!

Patience, and ambition will motivate you to really just listen. Let’s just say I were to learn something from you, right? Am I learning from you, or am I just taking from you what you have to offer and applying it to what I already know. To me that sounds more like connecting the dots, applying what I am receiving to a half complete paragraph and making sense of it on my own. If I listen to my mind, my body, and soul a truly beautiful thing happens. I begin to simply understand. I begin to simply be. Be grateful for the person you are.

I have nothing more to offer at this time, and to you who are constantly here to read my mind I thank you. Keep your back straight, head up, stay planted and take life as it comes. Learn from what breaks you, and what makes you. Understand why you stand where you stand, understand why you’re going where you are going.

If no one told you today they love you, I love you. Keep on going!

Written By Will

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph


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