To Be Positive Is To Win – Will’s Wisdom

“When looking to improve your surrounding look for the vibe that sends out the most positive signal. Use this to your advantage and place yourself wisely in each situation you approach. One negative exposure could have drastic consequences if you allow it to. Be smart in your everyday life and diligent to what you divulge in.”

I use this method in my everyday life. If you are not good for me you have got to go. I’m always open to giving chances and definitely the benefit of the doubt. When the sand settles the second I get a bad vibe I completely remove myself from the situation.

This method has never failed me. The only outcome of following this simple belief is a better me. I win every time I separate myself from a negative situation, place, person’s life, or any other aspect in which this thought could be used. If no one told you today that they love you, I love you. Have a wonderful day.


Written by: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of: Tangible Triumphreceived_10157639582900151.jpeg


  • For me being positive means ditching our problems. 🙂

  • I sooooooo NEEDED to read this right now! #Awesome post

  • I love being my highest and best Self. Negativity doesn’t get me there. I vote for the win!


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