So, I got to thinking today. What is life without balance? Where would we be with out it? I can make this political, personal, spiritual or any other topic but can we sit back and just view this idea from a standard view?

Suppose there was no balance, what would that leave you with? I’d say chaos and destruction in my own opinion. To be productive and positive there needs to be some sort of balance between pleasure and have-to’s. More or less, I’m proposing to you to question your own motives to the actions you take.

“To have a balance between the actions you take and the propositions you make is essential for personal happiness. If there is no balance there is no body to the realistic views of your own. Carry on with a firm attitude and believe what you perceive to be true.”

Written by: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of Tangible Triumph


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  • Perception is not reality – based on our own view. Our ‘views’ can be obscured by a host of experiences and emotions. Happiness exists within, not externally. Tapping into the happiness within is an art forgotten. Think back to childhood and question or ask, does a cloud know its about to rain below? Does the dun worry it won’t shine bright enough? Same with people. The balance is not in what is there or lacking. Balance occurs in being intuitive to our true selves…within.

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