“A lost soul can always be found, a lost heart can always be rediscovered but a lost sense of being is the hardest to recover. Understanding who you are is the first step to seeing the outside world. Within you change can always be made but given that fact one must realize the out lying world can never be modified.”

Written By: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of Tangible Triumph



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  • I appreciate what you are bringing up here on a lost sense of being. It had me picture someone wandering, or bumping along in a river without an anchor. The odd thing about getting lost is that it can happen slowly, in small subversive steps until one day, we look up, and have no idea where we are. Cultivating a strong base of support, something I call my tribe, has helped me in the past. These are the folks around me that I can call on when I am in struggle. We all get a little lost sometimes. And I remind myself that “all who wander are not lost.”

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