Written by Tangible Triumphs Board Member: William Herens

Co Founder & Co Owner of: Tangible Triumph 

-Tangible Triumph Board Member, Short Story Writer, Realist, poetry, Coach

I know we all question when it’s time to start. Being afraid of the unknown is something that is extremely hard to handle and understand. The time to start is now.

What i’m here to tell you is that there comes a time when things add up, and that feeling in your gut tells you to go. Most of the time the first instinct is to run, and give up. Giving up isn’t an option anymore, when you feel the green light flashing hit the ground running. Whenever something feels right chances are, it is right. Your heart and gut never lies.

Always remember the universe will work in your favor as long as you let it do so. When there is a struggle, there is a battle to be won. Condemn the negative and give power to the positive. Fear is nothing to fear. One sentence can change your life forever even when it’s unexpected. Make a change and realize why the change is being made hence the reason for every action there is a reaction. Without the reassurance of self, there is nothing left.

The universe will always work in your favor as long as allow it to, perfection is only an illusion. Progress bring knowledge and knowledge brings power, power brings the assurance of ones self being able to conquer. In no time should you ever feel the need to give up, when the road you travel will always be trial and error. Too many times have I personally experienced the great fall, because of their ability to question their own motives. Make a list of what you want, be who you are, and never fear the consequences. Climbing a mountain doesn’t just require boots and a backpack, the tools you carry can make an ever living difference.

Today you can choose to be basic, or you can choose to be different. Grab on to what is real and leave the rest. Failure is not an option because if it was no one would make it. Take your grapple, throw your rope and latch on to something that means everything. If no one told you today that they believe in you, I do. Stand tall, use your experience and conquer what you thought would make you fall.

We stand together in difference, to make sense of everything that doesn’t make sense. Look to the stars, say your prayers to the moon, and look at the sun as if it were your all.



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