Written by Tangible Triumphs Staff Member: William Herens

Co Founder & Co Owner of: Tangible Triumph 

-Tangible Triumph Board Member, Short Story Writer, Realist, Poetry, Coach

As I sit here today.. I need to reflect on what I have been taught and what I see to be the truth. How many times has the advice of others been the path to your own destruction?

Truth is not a measure on what others accept or what others think to be the right way, but only the truth you feel in your heart. As I cross certain roads I realize the only person I can depend on is me, and only me. Making a mistake is the start to something great because the only person that can learn from it is you! A wrong choice can lead to the best choices made in the entire existence of your own being. Every road that is unpaved, you’re walking on your own. Guess what? Every road is unpaved, and you might even ask me why? Who has walked in your shoes? It’s okay you can sit on that one.

For every step taken, there is a lesson to be learned. But, lets get real. If you don’t learn from the direction you travel, where is the fertilizer doing good. No where. Stick to the truth you know, not what others tell you to be true. Taking advice and applying it to oneself is one thing, following advice to the T is another.

It was brought to my attention not too long ago, how much affirmation do you truly need to succeed in your own trials? What is true, will stand to be true, and when telling the truth nothing can weigh against that. Seeking truth is just as bad as telling a lie. Know the truth, be the truth and live the truth. Who are we to judge those who aren’t standing on the same foot as we are, and how much can you really expect them to do. Furthermore, what I know today, I do not expect others to know. Wisdom is earned. Knowledge is thirst. Most of the daily difficult tasks faced are one of a kind, and we all can see the lesson to be learned. Do we learn from it, though? That choice is yours.

Quick thoughts of the day, analyze what you see and believe what you learn. The truth is a matter of what you believe, not what others think to be true.

If no one told you to day that they love you, I love you.


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